Cécile Wick @ Galerie Privée, Lacoste (FR)

This summer, the first exhibition with works from the collection of the Bob + Kathrin Gysin Foundation will take place in the Privée Gallery.

The photographic work comes from the Swiss artist Cécile Wick. The images shown evoke impressive moods and enter into a dialogical relationship with the landscaped exterior of the gallery.

There are other works from the foundation's collection spread around the house - in particular by Klaus Born, Matthias Bosshard, Raphael Kessler, Bessie Nager, Adrian Schiess and Andrea Wolfensberger. In the park and garden you can see an outdoor work by Carmen Perrin and experience it spatially.

We would be happy to help you organize your journey and accommodation nearby. If you would like to register a visit with us in the Galerie Privée, please contact us at the following email address info@stiftung-gysin.ch or at one of the following telephone numbers:

Secretariat +41 44 278 40 60
Bob Gysin +41 76 570 52 66

We are looking forward to your visit.
Bob + Kathrin Gysin Foundation

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